The Sovereignty of God, or, My Brush with Calvinism, Part 2: A Crisis of Faith

The next post in my spiritual autobiography, and the conclusion(?) to my account of my struggle with Calvinism. I don’t know; maybe there will be more. I thought I would nudge a couple of Reformed friends in case they might … Continue reading

The Sovereignty of God, or, My Brush with Calvinism, Part 1

The next chapter in my conversion story, a long-promised episode that I think will be of interest to many of my Reformed brethren. In the year or two after my revolution, I began searching for God and for my true … Continue reading

The Church, Lost and Found: My First Concise, Complete Conversion Narrative

Hi! No, I haven’t abandoned my blog. Real life has been keeping me pretty busy, but I do have some ideas in pots boiling for articles to share. A few months ago, I friend asked me to tell my conversion … Continue reading

Towards the Truth

It’s been brought to my attention that I’ve left you all hanging for a while for the next chapter of my conversion story. Sorry about that. Deep in history The year I taught at Veritas brought great progress in what, … Continue reading


My blog motor has been sputtering. I’ve been doing other things: reading, learning, changing. I’ve been receding deeper and deeper into my hobbit-hole. My prayer every day is that God pour me out and fill me up with His love. … Continue reading

My Story

My conversion story. The best concise summary yet: The Church Lost and Found More detailed chapters: The Beginning of the Road The First Harbingers The Wilderness The Questioning The Wandering Road Approaching Rome My Pope A Musical Journey The Eternal … Continue reading

Christianity and Doctrinolatry

So lately I’ve been following the inner turmoil that is rocking the Southern Baptist Convention over, of all things, Calvinism. I admit that I don’t understand all of the intricacies of the debate, but it seems that the Calvinists within … Continue reading

The Roman Catholic Controversy: Sola Scriptura

The fifth post in my series on James R. White’s The Roman Catholic Controversy. I said in beginning this review that I was prepared to give praise where it was due. It is due here: James White has constructed a … Continue reading

Sola Scriptura and Sacred Tradition

This weekend I met with my friend Josh the Baptist, my oldest and dearest Christian friend. Over the years he has not been the most amenable to Catholicism — he once told me, years before either of us had any … Continue reading

The Other Side of Calvin

I’m about to enter the scriptorium exeuntis, the paper-writing cave, from which there may be no return. But I suppose I shouldn’t leave everyone (all one or two of y’all?) hanging. Here is the second half of my post about … Continue reading