A Brief Tour

This is where I show you some of the highlights of my blog, in case you’re new to the road or are just passing through.

First, a word of introduction about me.

Important Paths

These are posts that sum up what my blog is about.

  • Signposts — My account of the journey so far, and the many signposts and heralds that have led the way here.
  • Affinities — Posts about the things that have drawn me to the Catholic Church.
  • Apologia — My defenses of the Catholic faith, attempting to teach and explain to a Protestant audience oft-misunderstood and maligned Catholic doctrines.
  • Sacraments — My studies of the Sacraments of the Church.
  • Theology — My explorations of both Catholic and Protestant theology.
  • Quotations — I’m building a collection of valuable quotes from authors I’ve read, and especially important proof texts in early Christian writers for the foundations of the Church.
  • Scripture — Scripture studies or considerations of Scripture.

My Favorite Posts

These are a few of my personal picks, my favorite things I’ve written about here.

St. Peter and the Papacy


Tradition and Authority

Catholic Doctrine

The Sacraments

The Blessed Virgin Mary

Ecumenism and Reunification

  • The Same Gospel: A Plea to Bible Christians — A heartfelt plea and a case for Catholics believing the same Gospel as Protestants.
  • Why Protestants Should Care — Something of a manifesto to my Protestant readers about why it might be worthwhile to read my blog.
  • The Onus of Reunification — Another manifesto, for why all Christians should strive to reunify all branches of the Body of Christ.
  • Saved by Faith: A Modest Proposal for Protestants — A suggestion of how Catholics and Protestants can agree to disagree regarding justification: how, even holding to one’s position, the other might still be saved. (In particular, this is an answer to the common Reformed charge that “sola fide is the gospel,” and Catholics are therefore apostate.)

My Story

Most Popular Posts (by total views, last updated November 7, 2013)

  1. The Bones of St. Peter
  2. The Tomb of St. Peter
  3. The Grave of St. Peter
  4. Whatever Happened to the Eucharist? Why Don’t Evangelical Protestants Celebrate It?
  5. The First Roman Martyrs
  6. The Sacrament of Confirmation and Protestants: Profession of Faith or Pentecostal Fire?
  7. Eat my flesh and drink my blood: A crucial Gospel passage, the Catholic Eucharist, and bad Protestant commentary
  8. Work out your own salvation: The Apostle Paul, William Tyndale, and the leaven of a phrase
  9. The Damascus Road
  10. “Let him be Anathema”: Not what many Protestants think it means
  11. The Veneration of Mary: An Introduction for Protestants
  12. Amazing Grace: Saved a wretch like me? The Catholic Church and total depravity
  13. The Sacrament of Confirmation: Sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit
  14. St. Augustine on How to Divide the Ten Commandments: Did Catholics “Change” the Ten Commandments?
  15. Indulgences: It’s about healing
  16. The Assumption of Mary: Scriptures and texts
  17. Too Many Jameses: Untangling Jesus’s Family and Friends
  18. Semper reformanda: The Continuity of Vatican II with Catholic Tradition
  19. The Eternal City
  20. On this Rock: An Analysis of Matthew 16:18 in the Greek
  21. The Wilderness
  22. Justification by faith alone, or what? What do Protestants think Catholics believe?
  23. Why I am A Catholic: The Short Version
  24. Seeing the Pope
  25. Why I am not a “Roman” Catholic
  26. St. Ignatius of Antioch on the Episcopacy
  27. The Sacrament of Confirmation in Scripture and the Church Fathers
  28. Mary and the Living Tradition of the Church
  29. The Baptist View of Baptism: Symbol or Sacrament? (Baptism in Depth)
  30. The Same Gospel: A Plea to Bible Christians

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