Was Peter the First Pope? A Comprehensive Response

St. Peter

Friends, here’s a very detailed post I’ve been working on, answering as comprehensively as I could, from Scripture and history, a question often asked by Protestants: Was Peter really the first pope? I’ve been working hard on this for a couple of weeks, so I hope you enjoy it. If anyone has any further questions or objections, please feel free to throw them at me.

5 thoughts on “Was Peter the First Pope? A Comprehensive Response

  1. Hi Joseph,

    This is an interesting topic and well worn, too.

    Unfortunately only the most sheltered Catholics today believe Peter was a pope at all. I’ve been collecting information on the topic for years but Fr. Tyrell sums it all up nicely:

     “Sooner of later the historical lie of the Papacy must be realised by every educated Roman” (Life, Vol II, pg. 383.)


    • Paul,

      If you had read my post, you would have seen that I addressed this very quote, and the context from which it was taken.

      You have apparently only been exposed to only the most disillusioned “former” Catholics. I have never met a believing Catholic who denied that Peter was the first bishop of Rome, and I don’t believe many of my brethren have been particularly “sheltered.”

      His peace be with you.

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