Happy Easter! He is Risen! Hallelujah!

For as much as our culture has used and abused this piece, I encourage every person to stop a moment and let these strains wash over you. (Be sure you have some good speakers or headphones.) Even if you’re not a Christian — this is one of the most powerful musical expressions of triumph and joy ever composed.

4 thoughts on “Hallelujah!

        • There is still a lot of Christian art — in music, in art, in architecture, in literature. Maybe it’s not as prevalent as it used to be, but it is there if you search for it. The nature of great art, though, is that it’s often only recognized as great in retrospect.

          But one of the many reasons I’ve been drawn to Catholicism is because it’s always had a great appreciation for, and been a great inspiration for, beautiful things that give glory to God.

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