Was Peter the First Pope? A Comprehensive Response

St. Peter

Friends, here’s a very detailed post I’ve been working on, answering as comprehensively as I could, from Scripture and history, a question often asked by Protestants: Was Peter really the first pope? I’ve been working hard on this for a couple of weeks, so I hope you enjoy it. If anyone has any further questions or objections, please feel free to throw them at me.

5 thoughts on “Was Peter the First Pope? A Comprehensive Response

  1. When I click on this link I get a security warning. I love to read anything about Peter. Do you know why there might be issues with the link?

  2. Hi Joseph,

    This is an interesting topic and well worn, too.

    Unfortunately only the most sheltered Catholics today believe Peter was a pope at all. I’ve been collecting information on the topic for years but Fr. Tyrell sums it all up nicely:

     “Sooner of later the historical lie of the Papacy must be realised by every educated Roman” (Life, Vol II, pg. 383.)


    • Paul,

      If you had read my post, you would have seen that I addressed this very quote, and the context from which it was taken.

      You have apparently only been exposed to only the most disillusioned “former” Catholics. I have never met a believing Catholic who denied that Peter was the first bishop of Rome, and I don’t believe many of my brethren have been particularly “sheltered.”

      His peace be with you.

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